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Live with the stars! Near new Network Video salon in sunny Coffs Harbour. This business is so easy to operate it makes it a joy to come to work. More importantly, it makes serious money. Long established in Coffs Harbour, the salon has only recently moved to its present site in the middle of town. It has also benefited from a completely new state of the art fit out. There is really good parking for clients in a hurry. Well suited to a family operation.

Price reduced from $195,000 to $120,000 all-inclusive, including full training.

Leading IT Sources believe that you haven?t seen the end of video stores yet. You?ve seen the ads, now read the truth.

No doubt by now you would have seen the advertising associated with Telstra?s launch of the T-Box with Mr Lochie Daddo extolling the virtue of the T-Box and bemoaning ?late fee?s to all and sundry. As well as the associated articles in various press that always seem to follow any launch of a supposed new technology.

Here are the facts on T-Box and what you can very confidently share with your customers should they query you.

T-Box is little more than a flashy Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It has a 200Gb hard drive for recording TV and file storage and comes with 7 of its own channels of content. 4x 24 hour sport (comprising 1x general sport, 1x specifically football, 1x V8 Supercars, 1x racing (horses & dogs)) 1x news channel, 1x YouTube video channel and 1x channel of Video on Demand (VOD).

You must have Telstra as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and you will need a decent broadband package. The channel content is unmetered with the exception of You Tube, which is metered, and excess data charges are added to the phone bill. Movies take a minimum of half hour (at best speed) to be delivered (they will more than likely take in excess of 2 hours with a standard ADSL connection). It can only download one item (file) at a time. You can record from TV while downloading a file.

Cost of the T-Box
Is $299 which can be bought outright (and you have to be willing to use Telstra as your ISP for as long as you want to use the T-Box, it won?t work with other ISP?s). There is also the option of paying a deposit of $35 and then $11 per month for 24 months.

Cost of ?rentals? from T-Box.
Pricing for VOD is new release $5.99 (available for 3 days), weekly $3.99 (available for 7 days) & TV Series $2.99 per episode (available for 3 days). I am sure you will agree these are not cheap. There is a bit of confusion re: how these are billed with differing stories from Telstra. We have been told that these will be charged to a phone bill and we were also told that a download card (not dissimilar to a prepaid phone card) must be used.

Availability of product.
Digital windows have not changed with the release of T-Box. Warner product is available day & date with DVD release (as it is with Foxtel) - to date Warner are the only studio to move to this strategy. The balance of the studios maintain 30 ? 90 days (varies by studio) windows after DVD release. It appears there are approx 10 movies per month being made available, a very soft offering and of course the vast majority have been on your shelves for a few months by now.

A few of us (thanks to Roger & others) have done some visiting to Telstra shops and called their T-Box line re: what they are SAYING is available. As we have seen over the years with Foxtel & Optus selling in Pay TV their sales people have regularly misrepresented the availability of product and semi regularly stated new releases will be available at the same time as video stores, which has never been the case.

In fact AVRRA successfully took Foxtel to task for misleading advertising over this very issue and succeeded in Federal Court in making Foxtel change its advertising. It is always the misleading information that is handed out to the consumer that is most concerning. In our calls and visits we saw some of this with their sales reps either not knowing what was available and when, or just guessing at it. If you hear of such claims, if possible find out where from eg: a Telstra store, etc, and these claims should be referred to AVRRA. AVRRA won?t hesitate in taking the necessary steps to ensure that the consumer gets the correct information. This is one of the reasons we need a rental association, to act for the industry when it would be impossible for a single group to take the required action.

We will be revamping/updating the in-store brochure and poster we have done previously that clarifies all this for the consumer, and shows the windows for product and how we have the advantage of releases and value.


Property Details

State NSW
Region Mid North Coast
Postcode 2450
Property Type Leisure/Entertainment
Price $90,000

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