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Location: Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific.
Business Name: Taste of Tonga Limited
Taste of Tonga is a unique business. It is an environmentally friendly sustainable business. Its primary aim is to support Vava’u Villa by providing quality garden vegetables, pork, coconut cream and coconut oil. Originally is started as a Virgin Coconut Oil factory and over time developed into a supporting business to Vava’u Villa.
Taste of Tonga has developed a zero waste process that maximises the waste from the coconut oil factory. Put simply, the coconut husk goes to the staff for their cooking needs, the shell is turned into charcoal and is used for cooking or biochar in the garden, the coconut water is turned into vinegar or fed to the pigs, the coconut flakes provide the virgin coconut oil and the waste is fed to the pigs, the pigs eat the coconut waste and their manure is used to make biogas that is used to heat oil to make coconut oil soap, the liquid waste from the biogas is used to fertilise the vegetable garden, the garden waste feeds the worms in the compost, the compost goes to the seedling beds, the pigs are slaughtered and go to the Villa kitchen as does the vegetables from the garden. After all that you basically have zero waste.
The business include:
• 1 x 20ft steel containers
• 1 x 40 ft steel container
• Factory, deshelling machine, grinding machine, oil press, filters etc
• Office
• Piggery for 40 pigs
• Large vegetable shade house
• 60,000 litres of water tanks
• 3 trailers
• Bio gas tanks and equipment
• 1 garden cultivator
• Registered trade mark for “Taste of Tonga”
• Tools and equipment
• 15 year lease remaining on 4 acres
• Web site: www.tasteoftonga.com
• Contact – Ian Jones ianjones@hotmail.com +676 841 1099 vanessajones2007@hotmail.com +676 755 7832


Property Details

Suburb Vava'u Kingdom of Tonga
State Vava'u Kingdom of Tonga
Region Tonga
Postcode Vava'u Kingdom of Tonga
Property Type Food/Hospitality
Price $78,000 AUD

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